"A festival firmly anchored in the Singaporean landscape and promote French creativity and innovation in culture, science, education and gastronomy."

- French Embassy in Singapore


Celebrating French Culture in Singapore


In 2015, the festival will be a contribution to the celebration of 50 years of Singapore and diplomatic relations between the two countries. Voilah! is organized by the Institut Fran├žais Singapour and the French Embassy, in collaboration with the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.

Art Direction for Voilah 2015


To be part of this exciting project was an honor and great privilege. I got to meet and work with important people from the French Embassy for several months. A small team of designers at my former workplace Artifela Design brainstormed for weeks and finally came up with the concept of using paint splashes in the French colors. The movement gives energy to the flat design making it less 2-dimensional. It's a celebration of French culture and innovations and needs to be lively and energetic. The concept was applied to several marketing collaterals for the event, including road and display banners, program booklets, flyers, brochures, website, etc.

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